Vendanges Tardives A.O.C. ALSACE

Vendanges Tardives Range A.O.C. ALSACE

During the very best years, several weeks after the official harvest, the grapes of four noble grape varieties from Alsace (picked at the end of November) are used to produce late harvest wines. The exceptional quality of the terroir, regular morning fog and the benefits offered by maximum sunshine produce over-ripened grapes. The expertise of our grape-growers and cellar masters equally heaps to produce exceptional wines. These are superb, highly aromatic offerings with impressive length on the palate and good ageing potential. They count among the wonders produced from the region’s greatest terroirs. These passionate wines offer surprising tasting characteristics.


Vendanges Tardives”

This wine is a very beautiful straw yellow color. Its nose is very intense and rich with citrus fruit underscored by grapefruit and pineapple. Very charming, it develops amplitude and fat on the palate. This is an irresistible extremely elegant wine.

Vendanges Tardives”

Buttercup yellow, its nose is very typical of the variety, combining smoky notes with dried fruit. On the palate, aromas of quince finish with great freshness. This is a complete and very seductive wine.

Vendanges Tardives”

This great wine is a golden yellow color with orange tints. It exhales a subtle but fragrant nose, evoking flowers, tropical fruit and spice. The palate is strong with extremely jammy aromas. This wine conserves finesse and freshness.