Cremant A.O.C. Alsace

Crémant A.O.C. Alsace

Cremant is a sparkling wine made according to la “méthode traditionnelle” from various grape varieties. Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois are essentially the base wines used for Blancs de Blancs, but more and more Cremants are made from Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. The grapes used to produce
Cremant are generally harvested first in view of obtaining the balance and freshness required to make a refined Cremant from the still present acidity. Cremant is currently becoming a successful part of the world of sparkling wines.



This wine is a light yellow color with a refined and persistent ring of bubbles. Its bouquet, underscored by floral and roasted notes, is pleasant and subtle. Its palate is very elegant, with impressive aromatic finesse and plenty of fruit. Thanks to its freshness and refinement it can be paired with steamed prawns and citronella, sea scallops, foie gras, salmon marinated in herbs, pike perch soufflé, turbot with tagliatelle.


This wine is a pink color with orange tints and a nose evoking smoky and fruity notes, thereby producing a tasty and highly expressive offering. The attack is lively on the palate, joined by roundness and elegance. This is a harmonious wine with good aromatic persistence that combines well with different types of seafood, white meat and red fruit desserts. It is a genuine discovery for the fans of great rosé sparkling wines.


This wine is a golden yellow color highlighted by fine and lasting bubbles. It exhales yellow fruit and smoky notes which combine together thereby producing an atypical, but very pleasant offering. Its attack is frank on the palate with well-ripened fruity notes. Smoky flavors – characteristic of this grape variety – also come to the fore. Pinot Gris Cremant is first and foremost a wine for festive occasions, but it can be enjoyed as an aperitif. When served with a meal, it goes well with white meat, fish and seafood.


This wine is designed to express all of the qualities offered by a unique grape variety, in view of producing a great enjoyable wine. Its pale yellow color is embellished by fine bubbles creating a dense fizz, slowly transforming into a delicate ring. It exhales toasted notes, a hint of hazelnut and white flower aromas, joined by discrete strawberry. Its attack on the palate is a combination of creamy and elegant bubbles, underscored by just the right amount of nervous acidity, thereby offering perfect balance to the wine’s structure. The finish is persistent and crunchy. For example, you will appreciate the following elegant combinations: oyster soup, lobster or turbot hotpot.


This creation has benefited from the greatest attention from experts in the “Art of Winemaking”. It is the fruit of a harmonious blend of three grape varieties, selected for their exceptional quality: Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Auxerrois. Slow maturing over a period of more than 24 months, has brought about rich features expressing rare complexity. This wine is a bright pale golden color with a silver disk, fine and regular bubbles and a lasting ring. It exhales delicate dried fruit aromas (almonds and toasted hazelnuts), buttery and citrus notes such as grape fruit, as well as aromas of cake and white flowers. The palate is at once elegant and full, with good matter, translating to depth and underscored by notes of toast and cake, with remarkable balance. This is a gastronomic Cremant. Rich and complex, it is a charming aperitif and is very harmonious with sea scallops or grilled lobster.