Les sorcières


Les Sorcières

The Domaines belonging to the Château de Riquewihr now cover 27 hectares.
The Estate wines, “ Domaines du Château ”, are produced from grapes grown on the best aspected hillsides in Riquewihr. Elegant and eminently fine, their personality is enhanced by an incomparable taste of the terroir. Dry, characteristic, elegant wines that reflect the good taste of those who choose to drink them.
“ LES SORCIERES ” refers to the part of the Domaines du Château de Riquewihr planted with Gewurztraminer. Local legend has it that this was where witches ( Sorcières) were burnt during the Middle Ages.
Appellation : A O C Alsace
Vineyard: 5 hectares – average age 25 years
Soil : marl and clay soil
Harvest : the harvest represents the culmination of a year’s work for the grower. The grapes are picked by hand and carefully sorted over. Everything possible is done to avoid crushing them before pressing.
Vinification : the grapes are pressed gradually in pneumatic presses. Only the juice from the first pressing will be used for the Domaine wines. Low pressure pressing, fermentation under temperature control, stoking on lies for 3 to 4 months. Laying in bottle for 12 months minimum.


Tasting notes

Eye : golden yellow and clear;
Nose : expressive first nose typical of the Gewurztraminer, at the same time floral (roses) and fruity (fresh raisins). Once aerated, it becomes explosive with a nice complexity. “Les Sorcières” Gewurztraminer displays subtle, elegant aromas. Delicately spicy and fruity, it is enhanced by hints of smoke and of glacé fruit with a dash of pepper. It develops fragrances of violet, apricot, tropical fruit (mango etc…) and roses. Its scents are reflected in the flavor, sustained by hints of ultra-ripe grapes ;
Mouth : supple and fresh, this is a fruity, rich and highly expressive wine. A dose of mellowness and volume give this wine its impressive structure.


Wine and Food

“Gewurz” in German means spice ; our Gewurztraminer “ Les Sorcières ” is rich and full in the mouth, happy match for fish in spicy sauce (ginger sauce, sea bass with fennel) but it is also appreciated at home with sweet and sour dishes. This superb white wine can accompany cheese very well too, ( strong cheese as Munster, Epoisse, mature Brie de Meaux, Blue cheese)

Recipe: “caramelised pineapple with honey and linden” – www.dopff-irion.com