Dopff&Irion, Past and present


Past and present

To the Renaissance, the vineyards in Alsace are thriving, especially in Riquewihr. Building is going on everywhere, trade is booming, wine is a precious commodity. The Dopff and the Irion families put their heart and soul into winegrowing. Wines from Riquewihr were famed throughout Europe.

The tale of a pioneer: René Dopff, one of André Malraux’ closest friends, who took over Dopff & Irion in 1945…

He broke away from the old wine making techniques and looked to the terroir rather than to the grape variety. He decided to divide the vineyard at the Château de Riquewihr into four estates, which he rechristened with typically French names: Les Murailles, Les Sorcières, Les Maquisards and Les Amandiers.

He opted for clearer labelling, abandoning gothic lettering in favour of a more sober script.

These wines, made solely from the four noble grape varieties, expressed the very soul of the terroir. From that day on, each estate was dedicated to a particular variety.

René Dopff then proceeded to ensure that his wines graced the best tables in France and the world over. He supplied wines to the Palais de l’Elysée, the French President’s residence and for the launch of the luxury liner, “France”…

We at Dopff are proud of our inheritance and it is our duty to ensure that continues to thrive and prosper. Our love of wine, of our vines, of our region is an invitation to a voyage…