Past and present, Riquewihr is the cradle of our House. During the Middle Ages it was an especially active and flourishing city thanks to the reputation of its wines, exported throughout Northern Europe. Situated close by, the Rhine was the chief communication channel at the time. The Dopff and Irion families, whose origins can be traced to the vineyard as of the 16th century, have known, from one generation to the next, how to build upon their heritage: the vineyard and Chateau de Riquewihr.

Constructed in 1549, the Chateau was originally owned by the Princes of
Wurtemberg, who ruled over the city and its region for five centuries. At present Riquewihr is dubbed “the pearl of Alsace”. The exceptional richness of its architecture and decorations bear witness to its former glory. Chateau de Riquewihr and Domaines Dopff & Irion offer you all of the diversity of the appellations, grape varieties, Grands Crus, localities and specialties of the Alsatian vineyard. Discover great gastronomic wines, expressing the exceptional specific style of their terroir of origin.