From vineyard to wine glass


From vineyard to wine glass


The northerly location of the vineyards in Alsace makes the quest for optimal maturity all the more important. As soon as the grape berries begin to change colour, levels of maturity in each vineyard are checked regularly so that the grapes are harvested as ripe as possible. Harvesting is therefore timed to pinpoint the best balance between levels of sugar and acidity. The grapes are picked by hand and sorted if necessary. Then they are taken to the cellars in partially filled baskets to avoid crushing the berries.

Gentle pressing

The grapes are left whole and transported to the press by conveyer belt. They are pressed slowly and gradually, only the juice from the first pressing will be used to ferment our estate wines.


After racking and controlled-temperature fermentation, the wines remain on their fine lees for several months before bottling. They will not be sold for two to four years.