Les Amandiers


The Domaines belonging to the Château de Riquewihr now cover 27 hectares. The Estate wines, “Domaines du Château”, are produced from grapes grown on the best aspected hillsides in Riquewihr. Elegant and eminently fine, their personality is enhanced by an incomparable taste of the terroir. Dry, characteristic, elegant wines that reflect the good taste of those who choose to drink them.

The designation “ Les AMANDIERS ” refers to that part of the Domaines du Château de Riquewihr planted with Muscat. There are almond trees in the middle of this vineyard, witness to the Mediterranean style vegetation.
Appellation : A.O.C. Alsace
Vineyard : 8 hectares inside the Grand Cru Schoenenbourg area – average age 20 years
Soil : this hillside vineyard faces south and enjoys a mild, sunny climate, allowing the grapes to reach maximum maturity. The soil is composed of marls and gypsum covered with a fine layer of sand and screen from Vosges sandstone.
Harvest: the harvest represents the culmination of a year’s work for the grower. The grapes are picked by hand and carefully sorted over. Everything possible is done to avoid crushing them before pressing.Vinification : the grapes are pressed gradually in pneumatic presses. Only the juice from the first pressing will be used for the Domaine wines. Low pressure pressing, fermentation under temperature control, stoking on lies for 3 to 4 months. Laying in bottle for 12 months minimum.

Tasting Notes

Eye: Muscat “Les Amandiers” is a pale yellow wine with sparkling reflections
Nose: the fruity aromas are the first ones you notice (Muscat, fresh grapes), then the bouquet becomes more complex, exhaling scents of grapes, white-fleshed fruit and apricot ;
Mouth: fresh and crisp on the palate, the wine is dry with mellow overtones. This is an elegant, classy wine marked by its fruitiness. A lovely dry Muscat that is powerful yet elegant. Long on the finish with attractive aromas.

Wine and Food

An excellent aperitif wine. Salad of fried scallops with fennel and green asparagus tips. We suggest experimenting with grilled or raw fish. Fruit desserts, fruit tarts.